About us

We develop ad-hoc solutions for enterprises who need some specific hardware for their product. Also, we can adapt our family of expansion boards to your requirements.

Our family of expansion boards

We think there is a lack of low cost solutions to connect Linux Systems to the real world and that is the reason why we have developed a robust field bus (DV0 bus) for connecting a variety of input/output boards to the Linux processor.

The first series of DV0 board controllers are designed to mate with the Raspberry Pi as a battery shield, but other controllers intended for a wide kinds of Linux Systems are scheduled soon.

Our Input/Output board managed by the DV0 bus will cover all the needs that a standard control system will require. Initial board with digital inputs and outputs, counter, frequency, PWM transistor outputs and relay contacts will be followed by Servo, Mems Navigation, Display, Keyboard, Stepper motors, and so on.

Our solutions can be used in applications like

  • Robotics
  • Industrial
  • Hobbyist/DIY
  • Domotic
  • Educational
  • Home security