Our services

Design of the whole electronic components of your product : schematics, PCB , microcontroller firmware, and drivers for accessing the hardware via Linux, Windows or Android.

Support for R&D and technical department to overcome regulatory compatibility and electromagnetic immunity and ATEX certification.

Support for production process, especially in the creation of tools for quality control.

For more information, send us an e-mail to sisco@devalirian.com or call us at 608244525

Our experience

Analog electronic: developing of sensors for measuring weight, voltage, current, temperature and inertial data. Design for ATEX environment.

Control: our preferred microcontrollers for low cost, low power applications are the PIC24 and the MPS430 families. For medium power we use the MX family from Freescale or standard modules like ETX, qSeven, etc.

Power: battery charge and power balancing, motor control, in circuit power supplies and low power with energy harvesting design.

Radiofrequency: CC family from TI at 2.4GHz and Microchip modules for sub-giga frequency.

Software: microprocessor multitask solution based on the cooperative paradigm, Linux drivers and implementation of ad-hoc communication protocols. Programming languages: C, C++ Java and Python.